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  • Fidget Spinner Games

    Fidget spinners are becoming popular in middle schools and have been compared to a miracle cure for ADHD, autism, and other attention-deficit disorders. Despite these claims, this colorful device has an interesting history. Some people say the device can help kids improve their focus and motor skills. Others think it is just a gimmick. But, […]

  • What is a Monkey? How Do You Identify One?

    The word “monkey” refers to most mammals of the inforder Simiiformes family. These animals, sometimes called simians, are found all over the world. They are often referred to as the most intelligent animals on the planet. There are many different species of monkey. Read on to learn more about these amazing creatures. What is a […]

  • Hospital Games – What Are Hospitals and How Do They Work?

    A hospital is a medical institution which provides treatment to patients. It employs specialized health science staff and other auxiliary staff to provide healthcare. A hospital also utilizes various medical equipment to provide treatment. Many hospitals have emergency rooms, intensive care units, and outpatient treatment centers. Here are some of the functions of hospitals. Let’s […]

  • Goku – The Dragon Ball Superhero

    Son Goku was born in Kakarot. He is the main protagonist in the Dragon Ball metaseries, created by Akira Toriyama. His name translates to “Go” in Japanese, and he is known worldwide as a super-powered warrior. He was a child prodigy who grew up to become a super-strong fighter. Although he is not an actual […]

  • How to Learn Math With Games

    The study of mathematics is an essential part of the humanities. It involves the study of numbers, formulas, related structures, shapes and spaces, and quantities and changes. There is no consensus on the scope of the subject, or its epistemological status. However, the subject is an important part of everyday life. So, how do you […]

  • Kitty Party Games

    A kitty is money collected by a group of friends and family to share. These funds can be used for anything that needs to be shared. One example of a kitty is a wallet. There are many variations of kitty games, but all of them require a minimum amount of money. Here are some fun […]

  • Three Reasons to Read a Classic

    There are many reasons to read a classic. Not only will it give you a feel for the history and characters of a given time period, but it will also be an inspiration for other writers and great works of literature. Classics have a universal appeal, and can be appreciated for their quality as literary […]

  • Dragon Games

    According to legend, dragons have wings on both sides and a greenish or goldish body. They have spines on their back and tail, and their manes blow like flutes. A few centuries ago, they were seen roaming the sea and causing mischief. Fortunately, the myths surrounding dragons have mostly died down. The next Dragon Year […]

  • Block Games – A Game About Strongholds and Monsters

    In computer science, a block is a group of statements that can define a single chunk of code. There are several advantages to using blocks, including avoiding confusion when the same variables are defined in different locations. By defining variables within the code block, each statement in the block is considered a separate piece of […]

  • Darts Tutorial – Learn How to Program in Darts

    Playing Darts is an extremely simple game. The game starts with two players throwing their darts. Both players must have different numbers, so that the other player cannot hit them. Each player starts with three lives and must aim to knock out their opponent’s darts. For example, player A has the number seven and must […]