Block Games – A Game About Strongholds and Monsters


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The game features ten biomes in which to build your strongholds. You’ll be able to encounter an assortment of creatures and battle boss monsters as you advance through the levels. As your base grows, you’ll need to mine valuable resources and craft artifacts that summon monsters. In order to complete each level, you’ll need to collect as many resources as you can, as well as upgrade your building. If you’re a real fan of Minecraft, Block Story may be the game for you.

This puzzle game features a variety of biomes. Players can build strongholds to protect their civilizations. There are a number of different creatures to battle, as well as boss monsters that will try to destroy your strongholds. The best part of Block Story is that there are ten different biomes to explore. The player can explore each one, mine valuable resources, and create artifacts to summon various monsters. You’ll find that you can explore all of these fascinating biomes.

Block Story lets you travel through ten diverse biomes, each with its own unique features. You can mine for valuable resources and battle boss monsters. Creating artifacts will help you summon monsters and protect your strongholds. The game will have you playing for hours! In order to win the game, you’ll need to collect as many gems as you can, and build strongholds for them. You can also create artifacts to summon more powerful monsters.

The game features ten different biomes and ten types of blocks. During a game session, you can explore each biome and build strongholds. You can fight boss monsters and discover useful resources that will make your life easier. When you’re done, you can create an artifact to summon various monsters, and make a block tower out of it. This is another way to earn coins and increase your progress. There are many advantages to playing the game.

In addition to its ten diverse biomes, Block Story also features a wide variety of creatures. During a game, you can build strongholds, and you can even battle boss monsters. Throughout the game, you can also create artifacts to summon different kinds of monsters. This allows you to make the most of your resources. And it’s all about building strongholds and mining. In Block Story, your goal is to build a castle.

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